With the purpose of disseminating the teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism founded by Emperor Trần Nhân Tông, the 3rd Emperor of the Trần dynasty in Vietnam, under the guidance of Venerable Abbot Thích Thanh Từ, The Vietnamese Buddhist Zen Center, also known as Thiền Viện Trúc Lâm Hoa Từ, was established in June of 2009 in Mesa, Arizona.  The focus of the Center is to provide a peaceful environment in which practitioners and disciples can learn of Zen Buddhism, meditate and practice being mindfulness in all daily activities.

What is the meaning of “Hoa Từ”?

In Vietnamese, “hoa” means flower and “từ”, coming from the word “từ bi”, means merciful or compassionate.  Together, “Hoa Từ” can be seen as representing the mercy and compassion from which the teachings of Buddhism stem.  The name “Hoa Từ”, however, was actually created using the names of the 2 Venerable Abbots who have greatly contributed to the dissemination of Buddhism in Vietnam, Venerable Abbots Thích Thiện Hoa and Thích Thanh Từ.

The Vietnamese Buddhist Zen Center will always welcome those who want to learn about Zen Buddhism and meditation regardless of religion, age, gender or ethnicity.  An English translator will be available for those who do not understand Vietnamese.