Upcoming Events


Nam Mô Phật Bổn Sư Thích Ca Mâu Ni

Dear lay people,

On 04/14/2019 there will be a Phase 1 grand opening celebration of  the Meditation hall at Dai Dang monastery in San Diego. We are planning to have a trip to San Diego starting out on Saturday 04/13 and coming back on  04/14 in late afternoon. This is a good opportunity in supporting Dai Dang monastery, an original nest of Truc Lam Yen tu sect which is led by Abbot Thich Tue Giac.

If you want to join us please register with Tam Trung so we can prepare for the trip. We will get transportation depending how many people going.

There is also a one week retreat at Dai Dang monastery right after the event from 04/15 to 04/21 if you’re interested to join. You have to get your own transportation for going back.

We wish you a peaceful stage on your body and mind.